The AGO Ao 192 Kurier

The AGO Ao 192 is a German Tier II Heavy fighter warplane.

It was originaly meant to be a scouting plane based off of a Transport but no prototype was built. Crew: Pilot 1

Price: Coins ???

Predecessor: Fighter Icon Ar 65

Sucessor: FW.57

The Ao 192 has extremely powerful guns and a high operational altitude of 1000 meters. It has high hp and a tail gunner but it has very little little maneuvarability 

Upgrade pathEdit

  • First to upgrade are definitely the bombs as they are extremely useful when performing ground attacks.
  • Next the guns which are nearly twice as strong
  • The engine and rear gun should be saved for last

Stock ConfigurationEdit

Airframe           Engine             Machine gun             Rear gun

Airframe         Engine               Mg                   Ico-turret

    Ao192               Argus As 10C      4x7.92 mm MG 08/18(C)       7.92mm MG-29

Optional ModulesEdit

 Engine             Machine gun             Rear gun           Outboard Weapon

Engine               Mg                  Ico-turret                  Ico-bomb

        Argus As 10E           4x7.92mm MG-29               7.92mm MG-30                  4x SC50


Last update: Patch

Stats shown are stock, stats between brackets are fully upgraded.

Hit points

  • Hit Points  185 (???)
  • Weight  2986.0 kg (???)


  • Airspeed   300 (???)
  • Speed at Sea Level   251 km/h (???)
  • Top Speed at Best Altitude   300 km/h (???)
  • Optimum Altitude  1000 m
  • Maximum Dive Speed   550 km/h (???)
  • Stall Speed   160 km/h
  • Rate of Climb   9.10 m/s (???)
  • Optimum Airspeed   276 km/h (???)


  • Firepower   40


  • Maneuverability   214 (???)
  • Average Time to Turn 360 degrees   27.9 s (???)
  • Rate of Roll   70
  • Controllability   81 (???)

Historical InfoEdit

These planes were modified from transports and a prototype was never built. The original transports only had 6 models built one which was used as a personal transport for Rober Ley the head of the German Labour Front. While the other transports were used by the Waffen-SS and at the Rechlin Test Center.

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