Ww2 carrier

A World War 2 Aircraft Carrier

Carrier based aircraft are a type of aircraft that is designed to have all operations (I.E. takeoff, landing, refueling) based from an Aircraft Carrier. In World of Warplanes, there are no Aircraft Carriers that you can land on, but the planes still hold an accurate representation of such a type of aircraft. Typically carrier based aircraft are a mix between a fighter and a bomber, usually holding a few bombs but also being quite manuverable. The United States and Japan are the only nations to have a carrier based aircraft line, because in World War 2 they were the nations that frequently used aircraft carriers (due to the Pacific Ocean separating them). Likely, the only other nation to have a carrier based aircraft line will be Great Britain which isn't yet in the game.

Japanese Carrier Based AircraftEdit


A Japanese A6M "Zero"

Nakajima A4N

Mitsubishi A5M

Mitsubishi A6M-1/A6M-2

Mitsubishi A6M-5

Mitsubishi A7M

Mitsubishi J4M1

Kyushu J7W1

Kyushu J7W2

Kyushu J7W3

American Carrier Based AircraftEdit


An American F4U "Corsair"

Grumman F2F

Grumman F3F

Brewster F2A Buffalo

Grumman F4F Wildcat

Vought F4U Corsair

Goodyear F2G Corsair

Vought XF5U

Vought F6U Pirate

Vought F7U Cutlass


  • Since patch 0.5.3 Carrier Based Fighters have been classed as regular fighters.
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