World of Warplanes Ground-Attack Planes Teaser

World of Warplanes Ground-Attack Planes Teaser



Ground attack aircraft is one of three types of aircraft in world of warplanes.

Features of GAAEdit

Ground attack airplanes are as their name implies created mainly to attack ground targets. They feature high caliber guns and often carry many bombs and rockets. They are however very heavy and can not turn well, which makes them unsuited for dogfights and climbing to high altitudes.

GAA often have a rear-gunner, however they are still vurnerable to fighters, especially fighters with high caliber guns.

Russian GAAEdit

Kochyerigin TSh-1

Kochyerigin TSh-3

Kochyerigin Sh (LBSh)

Ilyushin IL-2

Ilyushin IL-2 two-seater

Ilyushin IL-8

Ilyushin IL-10

Ilyushin IL-20

Ilyushin IL-40

Ilyushin IL-40P

Other GAAEdit

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