Update 1.2.2Edit

InterFace FixesEdit

  • Fixed display of the plane research availability by right-clicking in the predecessor's plane research window did not consider the need for additional module research if there was enough experience for research without it
  • Fixed issue with camo unable to be purchased without player confirmation if switching between menus
  • Preceding plane's experience was not considered in the research confirmation window (right-click in the Tech Tree)
  • Plane research availability was displayed (right-click in the Tech Tree) when there were not enough experience for research
  • Wrong sum of experience needed for the research was displayed in the research confirmation window when there was not enough experience
  • Research confirmation button in the plane research window remained active even if there was not enough experience
  • The experience of the preceding plane was not mentioned in the plane research window

Chat FixesEdit

  • Fixed client switching off if player entering chat had more than 100 chat contacts
  • Fixed possibility to create more than 10 channels using key combo Tab+Space
  • Blocking the channel context menu and "invite a player" function after the group re-naming
  • Flight channel turned out to be expanded (opened) after returning from the battle
  • If a Flight had 3 members, including its creator, the "Invite a player" button and invite from the context menu of the flight channel remained available
  • Fixed left mouse button malfunctioning after right-clicking on private channel close button
  • If the settings checkbox "Show players online only" was marked and after re-logging into the client, online friends were not displayed

Update 1.2.1Edit

March 18Edit

  • New feature will be added regarding warplanes having 2 predecessors in the tech tree. Players will be able to choose the branch which they wish to spend experience when researching one of these planes
  • Fixed the bug that minimized the game window when clicking the mouse anywhere on the interface
  • Fixed the bug that destroyed the planes of players who were not able to load or lost connection at the start of the battle
  • Fixed the bug that produced uneven numbers of team members in battle

Update 1.2Edit

Features OverviewEdit

  • Missions
  • Replay recording & playback
  • More informative post-battle stats
  • Aircraft balance and historical accuracy changes


  • Resources for objects on all maps were optimized:
  • Adriatic: re-worked layout of ground targets, new visual effect of lightning from the side of the storm front
  • Lighthouse: Graphic effect optimization, air bursts added to the background effects of AAA
  • Harbor: improved land textures for the city area; new objects were added to the port and between the mountains, bug fixes
  • Fortress: optimized tree layout, improved land textures for the city areas, ruined city area were added



Replay recording and playback was implemented.

  • Recording feature is disabled by default, but you can activate it in the Settings menu
  • Replay files are stored in the "Video" library of the user account folder in Windows. Check the path in the game settings menu
  • For playback, simply open the file in Windows (game client should be closed first)
  • Basic player functions are forward, rewind and pause
  • This is the first version of the tool! It will be developed and improved in the future

Post-Battle StatisticsEdit

  • Post-battle statistics screen has been reworked: now it displays in the Hangar after each battle
  • Detailed statistics of all battles within the game session is available in the system messages panel
  • Reworked player’s main battle results, and information about results of other battle participants was extended
  • Detailed info on other players' statistics (all participants of ttheir battle). Click on the name of the player in "Team Results"


  • New matchmaker algorithm was implemented for creating battles for beginners that reduce the number of experienced players
    • This matchmaker works for planes of tiers I-II and accounts with small totals of earned experience

Physics & Balance ChangesEdit


  • Improved energy saving in turns for most fighters and heavy fighters
  • Acceleration performance for boost mode was reduced for all planes, and slightly reduced acceleration in a dive
  • Improved acceleration for piston planes of tiers I-VIII in non-boost mode
  • Speed was reduced for all tier IV-VII light fighters and for tier VIII-X planes of all classes in non-boost mode
  • Dynamic characteristics of jet planes were reduced
  • Optimum altitudes for most fighters and heavy fighters were increased. Altitudes between high, medium and low-altitude levels was extended to emphasize the characteristics of individual planes

Visibility SystemEdit

  • View Range
    • The difference between view range for different tiers was reduced
    • View range of biplanes was significantly increased
    • View range for piston monoplanes was slightly increased
  • Aircraft Visibility
    • Aircraft visibility coefficient depending on tier was implemented. It also has a certain effect on the enemy detection range. The higher your plane tier, the more visible it becomes, increasing the detection range
    • Jets have greater visibility than the piston planes of the same tier and class
    • The detection range was decreased due to the visibility coefficient introduction for low tiers
    • Coefficients are configured in the following way: if a lower-tier plane and its higher-tier opponent have an equal view range, the lower-tier plane will detect the opponent earlier
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