The F2G is an American tier VII carrier-based fighter warplane.

"Super" Corsair, a high-speed modification of the famous F4U. Achieved fame as a trophy-winning air racer after World War II.

Predecessor: Vought F4U Corsair

Sucessor: Vought XF5U



Hitpoints: 260

Airspeed: 641

Firepower: 232

Manuverability: 294

Historical InfoEdit

TMOF Goodyear F2G-2 Corsair P1

The Goodyear F2G "Super" Corsair was a development by the Goodyear Aircraft Company of the FG-1/F4U-1 Corsair design as a special low-altitude version of a fighter equipped with a Pratt & Whitney R-4360 twenty-eight-cylinder, four-row radial air-cooled engine. Although often cited that the origin of the aircraft was as an interceptor of low-flying Japanese suicide aircraft, its actual beginnings came about in 1939 when the Pratt and Whitney company first proposed its enormous new engine. Thus the F2G lineage was tied to its engine design rather than tactical requirements.

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