The F2F is an American tier II Carrier-Based fighter warplane.

Developed as a one-seat modification of the successful two-seat carrier-based Grumman FF-1 fighter. By September 1940 all F2Fs were converted into trainer aircraft.

Crew: Pilot 1

Price: Coins 3,000

Predecessor: Boeing P-12

Sucessor: Grumman F3F


Airframe           Engine          Machine gun             Machine gun

Airframe         Engine           Mg                 Mg

    XP-23                V-1570-1     7.62 mm M1919-A4 (S)      7.62 mm M1919-A4 (S)



Hit points

  • Hit Points 55
  • Weight 1728.0 KG


  • Airspeed 302
  • Top Speed at Sea Level 315 km/h
  • Top Speed at Best Altitude 350 km/h
  • Optimum Altitude 550 m
  • Maximum Dive Speed 440 km/h
  • Stall Speed 70 km/h
  • Rate of Climb 9.70 m/s
  • Optimum Airspeed 244 km/h


  • Firepower 13


  • Maneuverability 374
  • Average Time to Turn 360 deg 11.50 s
  • Rate of Roll 100 deg/s
  • Controllability 94

Historical InfoEdit

300px-F2F-1 2-F-6 NAN1-76

The Grumman F2F was a single-engine, biplane fighter aircraft with retractable undercarriage, serving as the standard fighter for the United States Navy between 1936 and 1940. It was designed for both carrier- and land-based operations.

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