Japan is one of the four nations currently in World of Warplanes. Currently they only have a single line to go down, the carrier based fighters. Japan was known in WWII for their use of the A6M "Zero" and their Type 97 and 99 carrier-based bombers to attack Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Towards the end of the war, Japanese aircraft were used as "Kamikaze" aircraft, which were loaded with bombs and fuel, and flown into American warships, which destoryed around 47 Allied ships and damaged roughly 300 others, though a total of 3860 pilots were lost in kamikaze missions.

Like their historical counterparts, the Japanese planes are masters of turnfighting. Usually no other plane can outturn a Japanese plane of its tier, and they're nearly unshakeable up close. The damage per burst is also some of the highest at higher tiers, literally hitting like trucks up close. However, everything has its price, and the Japanese line has lots. The Japanese planes have the worst HP of all planes of their tier, easily being shot down in a single pass or by tailguns and AA guns, and their modules are weaker. The max speed, weapon overheat and energy retention of these planes are also mediocre compared to other planes, so careful ambush tactics are required. Nevertheless, proper use of the incredible agility and the high burst damage can make Japanese planes respectable opponents on the battlefield, and the worst plane to have on one's tail at low speeds.


Nakajima Type-91

Carrier Based FightersEdit


A Japanese A6M "Zero"

Nakajima A4N

Mitsubishi A5M

Mitsubishi A6M1 Zero

Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero

Mitsubishi A6M-5

Mitsubishi A7M

Mitsubishi J4M1

Kyushu J7W1

Kyushu J7W2

Kyushu J7W3


  • Reisen, which means zero in japanese is where the A6M series airplanes got their nickname "zero" from.
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