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Real life Kill Tallies on the tail of Nazi fighter.

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Kill Tallies are a simple listing of how many kills you have. It is a smart way to personally devlop and grow the plane of the players choosing. Although it can happen wether the player wants it to or not. Usally they are just gained through just playing.

Use and fufillmentEdit

They are divided up into two groups. First is Air kills which can be marked accordingly to nation. The second is Ground kills. Each nation has a different mark and the ranks of kills go 1/10/50/200/500/2000/10,000.

Air kills:

U.S.A: Planes (On nose)

U.S.S.R: Stars (On nose)

Germany: Black and white block next to eachother (On tail)

Japan: Flower or stars (On nose)

Ground kills:

U.S.A: Bombs (On nose

U.S.S.R: Bombs (Or sometimes rockets have been reported) (On nose)

Germany: Black and Yellow block next to eachother (On tail)

Japan: Circle/Flower (On nose)

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