The TSh-3 in the Hangar




Tier 3 Soviet attack aircraft.


4xbombs (1500 damage each), powerful guns, low stall speed, slow cruising speed


My personal opinion is that this is one of the best money making Tier3 aircraft. You can end up in some really nice MM with Tier2s and 3s. This plane has lots of HP,  one on one you should only worry about the heavy fighters. Most of the times you can end up being the last one alive if managed to sneak through the frontline. This is the first attack aircraft with bombs that can destroy a HQ easily, so try to make your way to the primary target. Although du to the slow cruising speed likely the heavy fighters will arrive there before you. The guns are really powerful, they can destroy even a warship in one run-in. Always stay as close to the ground as possible, that can save your life.

Air to ground tactics:

Finally you can head for the targets further away on a small map, but most likely you will end up bombing the secondary targets. The guns are really powerful, firepower is good enough to destroy almost any ground target in one run, and you can always use flaps to maintain manouverability at lower speeds. The plane stalls around 100km/h, and the max range for the guns is 600m, so you will have lots of time to destroy the target, and the guns have decent cooling time.

Air to air tactics: 

Due to your slow speed and low manouverability once you get spotted and there is nobody to defend you you can probably still deliver few of your bombs, but you can only fight the lower tier aircraft. 

If The Enemy Attacks Head on:EditEdit

If the enemy attack a ground attack plane from head on it simply continue flying while firing your guns usualy they will be destroyed by the TSh-3's massive fire power, Due to fighters having low hp this is an extremely effective tactic, This should not be attempted against heavy fighter above your own teir or against teir III+ aircraft.. 

If From BehindEditEdit

The aircraft has lots of HP so once the enemy a/c settels behind you just start slowing down. Sometimes this alone will do the trick and as they slow down and stall causing them to fall to their deaths. Often the enemy plane will  pass infront of you which allows you to boost and use your massive firepower to destroy the attacking plane.

If From AboveEditEdit

Attempt to get away from the bullets and to lead the plane to any teammates, If all else fails try to get the enemy to attack you head on where you should still have the advantage.  

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