Messerschmitt Bf 109 G Gustav

The Me 209 A1 is a German Tier VIII Fighter warplane.

Originally designed to reach a higher top speed record. Later improved on to become a full-featured fighter to replace the Bf 109. Never entered mass production.

Crew: Pilot 1

Price: Coins 2,500,000

Predecessor: Messerschmitt Bf 109G Gustav

Sucessor: Messerschmitt Me P.1092


Airframe           Engine         Hub-mounted         Machine gun

Airframe         Engine           Mg               Mg

 Me 209 V5          DB 603 A       20 mm MG-151/20 (H)     2x13.2 mm MG-131 (S)


Me 209 a1

As you can see, the Me 209 was slightly different looking than the Bf 109s

Hit points

  • Hit Points 230
  • Weight 4121.4 KG


  • Airspeed 652
  • Top Speed at Sea Level 580 km/h
  • Top Speed at Best Altitude 710 km/h
  • Optimum Altitude 2000 m
  • Maximum Dive Speed 850 km/h
  • Stall Speed 140 km/h
  • Rate of Climb 24.40 m/s
  • Optimum Airspeed 427 km/h


  • Firepower 177


  • Maneuverability 330
  • Average Time to Turn 360 deg 19.20 s
  • Rate of Roll 130 deg/s
  • Controllability 100

Historical InfoEdit

Me 209 a1 historical

Messerschmitt's designation Me 209 was used for two different projects during the late 1930s and early 1940s. The first was a record-setting single-engine racing aircraft for which little or no consideration was given to adaptation for combat. The second Me 209 was a proposal for a new development from the lineage that produced the highly successful Bf 109 that served as the Luftwaffe's primary fighter throughout World War II.

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