The FJ-1 Fury is an American Tier IX Fighter warplane.

It was the first operational U.S. Navy carrier-based jet fighter. Later became the basis for the famous F-86.

Predecessor: North American P-51H Mustang

Sucessor: North American P-86A Sabre



Hitpoints: 270

Airspeed: 738

Firepower: 349

Manuverability: 294

Historical InfoEdit

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The North American FJ-1 Fury was the first operational jet aircraft in United States Navy service, and was developed by North American Aviation as the NA-135. The FJ-1 was an early transitional jet of limited success which carried over similar tail surfaces, wing and canopy derived from the piston-engined P-51D Mustang. The evolution of the design to incorporate swept wings would become the basis for the land-based XP-86 prototype - itself originally designed with a very similar straight-wing planform to the FJ-1 airframe - of the United States Air Force's enormously influential F-86 Sabre, which itself formed the basis for the Navy's carrier-based North American FJ-2/-3 Fury.

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