The F-86A is an American Tier X Fighter warplane.

One the most famous postwar jet fighters. Used by U.S. Air Force during the Korean War.

Predecessor: North American FJ-1 Fury

Sucessor: N/A


F86TakingOff 1

Hit points: 400

Airspeed: 967

Firepower: 487

Manuverability: 261

Historical InfoEdit

North American F86-01

The North American F-86 Sabre (sometimes called the Sabrejet) was a transonic jet fighter aircraft. Produced by North American Aviation, the Sabre is best known as America's first swept wing fighter which could counter the similarly winged Soviet MiG-15 in high-speed dogfights over the skies of the Korean War. Considered one of the best and most important fighter aircraft in the Korean War, the F-86 is also rated highly in comparison with fighters of other eras.[3] Although it was developed in the late 1940s and was outdated by the end of the 1950s, the Sabre proved versatile and adaptable, and continued as a front-line fighter in numerous air forces until the last active operational examples were retired by the Bolivian Air Force in 1994.

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