Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

This map features a lot of water and several small islands. Most of the ground targets are ships, either transports or battleships. One of the bases is an aircraft carrier, the other is a small airport.

The aircraft carrier is surrounded by powerful battleships which shoot at planes much like AA guns. The airport (the red team in this picture) has few AA guns near the base, and instead has most of the targets and guns on the nearby island, as well as some battleships on the other side of the archipel. 

Because of the many battleships on each side of the map, most of the battles are fought at the center of the map, or above the biggest island, using the mountain as cover from battleship fire and enemy fighters. When few aircraft remain, the losing team often flees to the nearest formation of battleships in the hope that the enemy team will be weakened by them. This is especially an effective tactic in case your team has supremacy.

There are few clouds on this map, although at higher altitude you may encounter some clouds.

Compared to other maps, pilots use to fly pretty high, and fights at 2000m altitude or higher are not uncommon.

Since patch 0.5.1 this map features ships that are fighting each other, as well as land-based artillery. It seems to be graphical effects only though, however most ships can and will fire at enemy airplanes and this does damage your plane.

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