The Polikarpov I-15bis DM-2 is a soviet premium tier 3 fighter, only avalible on the 15th anniversary of Wargaming, August 2013. It is a standard I-15 with 4 7.22mm machine guns also used on the I-5 Shkas and its most peculier feature is the two ram jets is posseses at tier 3, This gives the DM-2 a massive advantage in speed and climb rate, this is balanced with the poor cool down time of the jets, which only boost for 10 seconds. None the less the 4 machine guns it has really can devastate any plane it dives on doing an excess of 150+ damage, if accurate on the target, that shouldn't be a problem with the fighter due to all four of the machine guns being mounted around the engine, making the shots spray infront of you, with a maximum range of about 2000-2100ft. Bearing all this in mind it plays like a Japanese plane, good horizontal fighters, with terrible amount of HP, 75 to be exact, getting into a head on run with ANYTHING not advised, you will die very fast. Instead try to gain altitude at the beggining and after every engagement you have, the ram jets come in handy for this!

Shot 018

Note the ram jets under the wings, and the four machines guns mounted around the engine.

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