The F6U is an American tier IX carrier-based fighter warplane.

It was the first jet-powered U.S. Navy fighter to feature an afterburner and composite construction. Entered serial production, but never saw combat.

Predecessor: Vought XF5U

Sucessor: Vought F7U Cutlass


WoWP Renders USA F6U 1920 1080

Hitpoints: 320

Airspeed: 801

Firepower: 478

Manuverability: 230

Historical InfoEdit

F6U-1 Pirate NATC in flight

The Vought F6U Pirate was the Vought company's first jet fighter, designed for US Navy during the mid-1940s. Although pioneering the use of turbojet power as the first naval fighter with an afterburner and composite material construction, the aircraft proved to be underpowered and was judged unsuitable for combat. None were ever issued to operational squadrons and they were relegated to development, training and test roles before they were withdrawn from service in 1950.

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